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 How to send stuff to JPR
  •   First, ask us if we really want it.

    You can ask easily by sending us a short email on the Contact JPR page, accessible from the main menu — that is, the list of items just under the banner image near the top, to the right. We will let you know fairly soon.

  •   Yes, JPR is free, no ads, and we can’t pay anything.

    We work our little butts off for nothing. So take advantage!

  •   We tend to like articles like the ones already in JPR

    GirlandDogReadingSo read the Journal. Go on, browse through it: it’s all free. As our About JPR menu items says, ‘JPR publishes research articles, occasional special themed issues, book reviews, news items, interviews, and links to primary research material. Poems and books of poetry are not part of JPR’s remit, though anthologies and collections may be reviewed and writers we ask to send in poems will be published from time to time’.

  •   If there’s a creative artist or maker —

    architect, movie maker, painter, poet, philosopher, town-planner, photographer, builder, whatever — whose work you really like, think about gathering some feature pieces on her or him, or maybe do an interview yourself.

  •   As for presentation

    It doesn’t matter all that much, but do read right through our Styleguide (a menu item, again).

  •   How to send? Best as a Rich Text File

    or a Microsoft Word document, as an attachment to an email. PDF files are not much use to anyone: you can’t edit or change them into HTML. We will do all the necessary formatting to suit our own house style, so the plainer the better.

  •   What is a good font you can recommend?

    linux-libertineWe use a Mac,
    with Scrivener as a text pre-processor,
    Nisus Writer Pro as a word processor, and
    BBedit as a magic HTML editor.
    Fonts? At home we like Linux Libertine:
    it’s free, unobtrusive, Open Source, and it works.

  •   Good luck!