Link to Forbes-Jenkins-interview, 1980 PDF

Link to Forbes-Jenkins-interview, 1980 PDF

Click on the link above and the PDF (Portable Document Format) file will be silently downloaded to this computer, into the folder you designated — in your browser of choice — as the folder to be used for downloads.

Or something else may happen, depending on the operating system your computer uses, the browser you are using, and the way you have told your browser and computer to read PDF files. That is up to you to fix: please research how to download and read PDF files.

On Windows computers, you may well have to download and install the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file. On a Mac OS X computer system, though, you don’t need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to open files like that; click on the filename of the PDF file in the Downloads folder, and a program supplied free with the Apple computer (a program called “Preview”) will open it instead.

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