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Tranter: Tapa-1

John Tranter’s 2012 Tapa Notebook Look among the links on this page for Navigation §































































































Robert Wood: On Theories of Suburbanism

close reading the archive, which displays the infinity of experience — Hey, look way, way down below, for John Tranter’s Tapa notebook entries: golly! hundreds of them! Thousands of them! §

Simon Collings: The Scale of Artifice

suggests an affinity between her [Veronica Forrest-Thomson’s] ideas and those of later avant garde writers. §

Simon Collings on British poet Roy Fisher

Perloff’s championing of Fisher’s ‘experimental’ work is important §

Emily Bilman: Geoffrey Hill’s Poetry

the technical perfecting of a poem is an act of atonement §

Alan Botsford: on Joseph Brodsky

like the proverbial two ships — I but a rowboat, he a battleship  — passing in the proverbial night. §

Vincent Katz: David Meltzer, 1937-2016

There are ups, there are downs. There is laughter! There’s weeping! §

Vincent Katz reviews Phaedra(s) at BAM

Isabelle… is captivating in whatever role she takes on §

Anthony Howell: a few words on Alain-Fournier

He is more interested in the intensity of his perception than in some impression of reality. §

Elisabeth Frost: on Rachel Blau DuPlessis

So this work is at once longstanding and a long time coming. §

Ward Ritchie: My Life in Printing (second quarter of UCLA interview) 170 pages

[in Paris] The 20s…was the period of the…inundation of young [US] writers §

Michael Witts: Two deaths; and two poems

Frank O’Hara and James Dean; Hockney and Cavafy §

Michael Rothenberg: Bozo the Slick

I will not follow / The plot of a narcissistic madman §

Arpine Konyalian Grenier: 2 poems

give me the story you say / there is no story §

Jesse Glass: Three pieces

A surd ditty was the common coin in our encoyded X-changes §

Norman MacAfee: Afghanistan and the Effects of War on Men

my sister / born 1939 / the year / war begins. §

Ken Bolton: A Poem for Philip Whalen

It’s the light I like, / & it’s late. §

Auckland 2012 Symposium, part one

does a work just hit a certain number of pages? §

Auckland 2012 Symposium, part two

Or does it have to engage… time as well as space? §

Auckland 2012 Symposium, part three

All poems take time to write §

Cover image for JPR06: based on ‘Syncromy in orange major’ (1919) by Australian artist Roland Wakelin, 1887-1971, painted when the artist was in his early thirties.

Roland Wakelin and Lloyd Rees taught John Tranter art and composition in 1961. §

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