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Gig Ryan: Martin Johnston, 1947-1990

in his work there are the twin currents of the Greek and English traditions. §4580

Anthony Howell: Verse from the Desert Country, 1986

It was not at all as I had expected. §4570

Billy Marshall Stoneking: A Reading at UC Santa Cruz, 1997

I went away depressed §4560

Robert Wood: on Bruce Dawe

But as yet there has been no… Suburbanist… body of work… §4550

Radio: Richard Connolly, 1982:
ABC Radio

It was a different Australia fifty years ago §4537

Radio: Richard Connolly, 2011:
ABC Radio

In fact it was foisted on me §4535

Radio: Old Hi-Fi:
Deborah Meadows: Guide Dogs

He’s looking for the blind person to whom he was assigned. §4529

Radio Fields: Blurb

central to the everyday lives of billions of people §4525

Radio Fields: Bessire and Fisher:

Radio is the most widespread electronic medium in the world today. §4520

Radio Fields: Table of Contents

From the Studio to the Street §4519

Radio Fields: Melinda Hinkson:
the Warlpiri public sphere

There was a dramatic increase in the number of hours of local radio broadcasting §4518

Radio Fields: Anderson Blanton:
Appalachian Radio Prayers

the miraculous power of the Holy Ghost will instantiate itself §4517

Radio Fields: Debra Spitulnik Vidali: A House of Wires upon Wires

Sensuous and linguistic entanglements… §4516

Radio: Jo Tacchi: Radio
and Affective Rhythms

affective rhythms in everyday life §4510

Deborah Meadows:
Phantom Geography

Why take up the bedraggled banner of critique now? §4499

Tom Hibbard reviews
Michael Rothenberg

Rothenberg is often a critic of … commercial pollution §4492

Peter Robinson and James Peake in conversation

an extensive and enviable bibliography §4330

Christina Stead talks with Rodney Wetherell, 1979

I have no favorite. My favorite is the next one. That’s all. §4310

C.D.Wright talks to Kent Johnson, 2001

I did not talk with anyone I wanted to see rot there §4305

Aaron Belz: Four poems

Our love persists despite / a baffling headwind §4290

Ken Bolton: Happy Accidents

John was writing poems / That pretended to be advertising §4285

Elaine Equi: Four poems

Weird always wins and loses in the end. §4280

Henry Gould: Eight poems

The raven in a land of shades §4270

Arpine Konyalian Grenier prose poem: Ever Feral and Chiral, the Howl

the slit in the cement I breathe from §4265

Anthony Howell: Three poems

No one has much use for me today. §4259

Kent Johnson: Two poems

such fragilities are crafted by prepubescent no-names §4233

Basil King: Delacroix’s Pigeon

But the public is like a cat §4232

John Latta: Seven poems

the moon’s white Benzedrine / rinsings §4231

Heller Levinson: Three poems

collapsed vernaculars… wracked recklessly §4228

Deborah Meadows: poems

Can we leave at Intermission? §4225

John Most: poem: In Absentia
(with Pauline Oliveros)

foundering starfish §4220

Jerome Sala: Two poems

The mirror has much to teach us §4217

Peter Dale Scott: Three poems

And so what is this oxymoron the meaning of life? §4216

Larissa Shmailo: poem: Gaia’s Lunacy

hot and bothered, and libidinal §4215

Art Beck: Two Latin poets

may be a quiet homage beneath the surface quip §4212

Donald Wellman: poem translations from Yvan Goll

Stern queens of an afternoon / Anointed with gold §4210

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