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    JPR03 is now closed, late 2015:
    long live JPR04!

    JPR03 is now closed, October 2015: long live JPR04! Due out in March 2016. §03-599

    Maria Angel and Anna Gibbs:
    The Futures of Writing

    “…we might as well leave all reading to artificial intelligences. We could then also give up writing…” §03-590

    Norman MacAfee: The Agnostic Gospels

    “One day in 1966… I saw a film about Jesus” §03-570

    Alan Prohm: Arakawa and Gins

    “architecture needs to get back on topic.” §03-560

    John Tranter: China

    The influences of Eastern poetry and calligraphy §03-558

    Robert Wood: poetry readings

    “We might start by asking: what is happening at a reading?” §03-556

    Donald Wellman: Expression

    “For much modernism, expression is a challenged category…” §03-555

    Review of Donald Wellman, Roman Exercises

    Is Writing Poetry Barbaric After Colony Collapse Disorder? §03-440

    Richard Kostelanetz: What was ‘Conceptual Writing’?

    Raymond Carver […] wrote narratives only a few pages long. §03-430

    Jerome Sala: reviews Red Epic

    ‘…it’s also surprisingly vulnerable.’ §03-420

    Interview: George Kuchar, 2009

    I love writing: it’s cheaper… than making a [moving] picture. §03-395

    Interview: Raymond Federman, by Charles Bernstein

    How can I tell the teller from the told? §03-394

    Interview: Fred Wah, 2009

    “The [1963] Vancouver Poetry Conference […] is seen by many as a landmark event […] There was this sense of newness and possibility that opened up.” Detailed introduction, 130 paragraphs, seven lovely photos from the time. §03-391

    Interview: Bruce Beaver, 2003

    “This year is what I call the year of the non-poet” §03-390

    Obituary: Bruce Beaver, 1928–2004

    “he was a talented poet, keen to explore the best new writing that the world had to offer…” §03-388

    Interview: John Tranter
    in Singapore, 2012

    ‘When I was an adolescent I became absorbed in the adventures of a twentieth-century character and citizen of the world…’ §03-373

    Interview: Rosemary Dobson, 2004

    “well, what happened next was an amazing thing” §03-370

    Magdalena Ball: 2 poems

    “Oh luminous sphere of plasma” §03-240

    Rachel Blau DuPlessis: per se

    “This being a / fateful instrument. . .” §03-235

    Laynie Browne: two pieces

    “an etymological excursion into the matter of words…” §03-230

    joanne burns: Three poems

    mango scars on the / eiderdown §03-220

    Elaine Equi: Three poems

    ‘I often visit the future.’ §03-215

    Deborah Meadows: Six poems

    More public art of cowboys. §03-210

    1985: four poets tour the USA

    “…It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies.” Mark Twain. §03-095

    1987: three Australian writers tour the USA

    “…meet & hear the diversity of talent that Australia is developing today.” §03-094

    Laurie Duggan 1: The Monash Years, 1968–1972

    1968–1972 … [from] the journals of an alarmingly young person: myself… §03-090

    Laurie Duggan 2: The Sydney Years, 1972-1978

    Ginsberg & Ferlinghetti at the [Sydney] Conservatorium … §03-089

    Laurie Duggan 3: The ‘Poetry Wars’, 1979-1986

    Embroiled as I was in The Poetry Wars, I had unwittingly engineered an escape. §03-088

    Laurie Duggan 4: Europe, March-May 1987

    In 1987 I received an Australia Council grant… I spent six weeks over April and May in Italy, Spain, France and Britain. §03-087

    Laurie Duggan 5: USA, Sep-Dec 1987

    In late 1987, I took part in an Australia Council and Department of Foreign Affairs sponsored reading tour of the US and Canada together with Helen Garner and Michael Heyward. §03-086

    Laurie Duggan 6: Manchester & Washington, Jun-Dec 1992

    In the second half of 1992 Rosemary Hunter had study leave and we were based for three months each at Manchester (UK) and Georgetown (Washington DC) Universities. §03-085

    Laurie Duggan 7: Melbourne & Brisbane, 1988-2005

    “I started to write again in late 2000 with a sense of release.” §03-084

    Laurie Duggan 8: England and elsewhere, 2006-2011

    So much is still ‘up in the air’. Our possible residence a tangle of legalities. §03-083

    CfP: UC-Berkeley, 14-16 April 2016

    CALL FOR PAPERS: Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry §03-081

    CfP: SUNY Buffalo: 09-10 April, 2016

    Call for Papers: — SUNY Buffalo: ‘Poetics: (The Next) 25 Years’ conference, April 9–10, 2016 §03-080

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