Current issue

    Rachel Blau DuPlessis:
    Notes on Silliman and Poesis

    Where Language Poetry Came From §590

    Kate Fagan: Thinking with Things

    The Poetry of Astrid Lorange and Pam Brown: ‘Thinking with things’ can remind usthat borders are not static   §580

    Susan Gevirtz: Hyperborea

    We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded   §570

    Lyn Hejinian: Turbulent Thinking

    Every work of art attests to lived experience §565

    Lisa Samuels:
    in the digitas

    the imaginative wave crest of blindsight §560

    Lindsay Tuggle: on
    Alice Notley

    Alma and her ghostly companions are shape-shifting conjurers §550

    Nicole Mauro reviews Marthe Reed

    …memory gets in the way of everything… §480

    Susan M. Schultz reviews
    John Gallaher

    Review of In a Landscape: Are poets related genetically? §470

    Alana Siegel reviews Katy Bohinc

    Review of Dear Alain. I consider her mixture of modalities — Mathematics, Astrology, Mandarin, her political involvement in labor movements in China, and finally, her work in Poetry. §460

    Lee Ann Brown:
    12 Sonnets from Sonics

    Lee Ann Brown: 12 poems §297

    joanne burns: four poems

    Three short poems and a prose poem §290

    Marcella Durand: Three poems

    a prediction a prism a secret ahead §285

    Elaine Equi: Three poems

    Three neat poems from New York City. §280

    Jane Gibian: Two poems

    Slipstone / Embossed   §275

    Judith Goldman: poem:
    Cassette cathedral

    Borealis über alles §270

    Jill Jones: Five poems

    Five poems   §268

    Michele Leggott: Telling Detail

    Prose poem in many dimensions §265

    Rachel Loden: Three poems

    The cruelty of poets never dies   §260

    Nicole Mauro: poem: SUPERZER0IC (Wonder Woman and Superman, an Anti-Romance)

    How to keep the idiots quiet?   §255

    Deborah Meadows: poems

    Nine small perfect poems.   §250

    Linda Russo: Five poems

    Five poems  §247

    Susan M. Schultz: Memory Cards:
    Traherne Series, 11 to 20

    Ten prose poems from Hawai‘i §245

    Cathy Wagner: Poem: Homage to Sex/to Us Properties

    I also will sing war when this matter of a girl is exhausted §243

    Diane Wakoski: poem: Elegy
    for Norman Hindley 1944-2014

    Olson, you opened my eyes this morningto my old friend, Norman Hindley   §240

    The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets, 1986: Front matter

    Front matter   §090

    The Penguin book of Australian Women Poets: Contents pages

    Contents pages §089

    The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets: Introduction

    Introduction by Susan Hampton and Kate Llewellyn §088

    The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets: The Poems: 1st third

    Only the first 8 or so lines of each poem published here; Aboriginal Songs p18 to Nora Krouk p103 §085

    The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets: The Poems: 2nd third

    Second third, from p104 to p199. §084

    The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets: The Poems: 3rd third

    Final third from p200 to p268. §083

    CfP: Berkeley, April 2016

    Contemporary Australian Poetry §049

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