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Ward Ritchie: UCLA Interview, JPR 07, Part One

It appeared to both Weston and me that this could be a monumental volume §

Ward Ritchie, UCLA Interview, JPR 07, Part Two

A few crickets began to make noise down the little valley at our side. §

Mark Young: 6 poems

In the rainy / night I listen to / Charlie Parker §

Aaron Belz, 2017: 4 poems

What is / the meaning of life? / I have no clue. §

Jake Zeitlin: A Ramble

I am by no means sure that a great library is as humanizing an influence as a small one. §

Michele Leggott: Writing Lines

The weather was unusually fine, and the town turned out to meet the returning boat and begin preparations for burial. §

Michele Leggott: Emily and Her Sisters

The family chain so roughly severed, she said. §

Art Beck: This Powerful Rhyme

Take your ease here among vine buds shaded by boxwood §

Guy Rotella reviews Kevin Gallagher’s book of poems Loom

This is a procedure that… allows access to another resonant national issue §

Toby Fitch: Themparks

One thing leads to another when one loves not being able to choose, from Rimbaud down and on to the many others: I is a them park. §

Marjorie Perloff: How “Simultaneous” Is It?

But can one really absorb Cendrars’ poem, with its almost five hundred lines, in one glance? §

Cendrars: La Prose du Transsibérien (trans. D. Wellman)

I was in Moscow, wanting to feed myself on flames §

Corey Wakeling: 4 poems

But never this, I have always thought a poem. §

Dimitris Lyacos: Poena Damni, translated by Shorsha Sullivan

And the sun went down red and giving off smoke. And we slept. §

A Column of Cloud and a Column-of-Fire: Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni, by Robert Zaller

the text offers us a shifting series of scenes and perspectives, somewhere between a journey and a travail. §

BURMA: Maung Day:
Some Burmese Poems, Part 2 of 2

Your future, a crowded street, is my guide map. §

BURMA: Maung Day:
Some Burmese Poems, Part 1 of 2

Your future, a crowded street, is my guide map. §

BURMA: Maung Day:
Twenty-first Century Burmese Poetry (article)

There is this elephant in the room called ‘nationalist sentiment’. §

Robert Wood: Cento: Towards Homonymic Consciousness

Homonymy can lead to communicative conflicts and thus trigger lexical change. §

Robert Wood: Status and Identity in Poetry: a footnote

That many poets… often perform a type of feigned humility means that the rhetoric of ambition is submerged §

Robert Wood: Country & Western

Consider then Robin Blaser’s six propositions §

Toby Fitch: 2 new poems, after John Ashbery

Lacan’s writing desk broke the Internet §

A.J. Carruthers, Ern Malley and others: poems

Emotional Alpacas sprinted sorrowfully around Catalonia §

Simon Collings:
an interview with Allen Fisher

Marcuse… affirms modernist aesthetics and estrangement. §

Joshua A.W. Gardner: reviews Basil King

Autobiography has more than one ambiguity §

Ron Padgett: Joe Brainard in 1961-63

He was also without any privacy or work space, so the pieces he created on 88th Street were quite small. §

Elisabeth Frost and Dianne Kornberg: Rose Was All There Was

the intersection of scientific and humanist ways of knowing §

Heller Levinson: poems

loom-lob patter-pizzle causeway retch wrench paradiddle §

joanne burns: 4 poems

downstairs along the greasy mile / bashings stabbings screeches and screams §

Paul Hoover: poems

dogs sleep on the road. / beneath the sound of scree. §

Cathy Wagner: 4 poems

And when a poet is embarrassed about privilege / the poem can market guilt. §

Deborah Meadows: Dragon Boat: A Play

There is no star — the entire team works together. §

Ken Bolton: 3 poems

So, subdued / I walk back to work — from lunch — §

Jerome Rothenberg: for David Antin

the memories / of being young / your black hair / in the wind §

Tom Hibbard: The Ecologies of Diversity

Singularity is perpetual discovery. Singularity is the foundation of the real. §

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: 6 Hankies

Gender was never so simple as hot pink, cute blue, and dear darling deer. §

Suermondt reviews Wroblewski

he resides currently in Copenhagen and he would be almost right at home in a New York or Paris as well. §

Michael Aiken: 21 poems

Governor wearing blackface. ‘It was for his own good.’ §

Elaine Equi: 3 poems: JPR 07

Things, I think, have less personality. §

Marc Vincenz: 7 poems

extracting / sunshine from the purgatory of earth. §

Raewyn Alexander: 2 poems

seagulls fly low along the roads at 3am §

Robert Wood: On The Jindyworobaks and Rex Ingamels

…a Jindyworobak view of Australian literature, which was a contested and contestable entity in and of itself already. §

Owen Bullock: 4 poems

That day we heard our brother died. §

Hilton Obenzinger: 2 poems

Hope would come, and then cruelly go §

Lisa Samuels: 4 poems

the ripe guard tires of understanding §

All 230 Items up to and including JPR 06

Hold Onto Your Crystal Balls §

Marcel Inhoff: reviews Ben Mazer

Half an hour later she was still reading. §

Jesse Glass: poems

Crowds wait for you to rise in your / wrinkled shift; &#167

Dorothy Lehane: Bettbehandlung [Bedrest]

every catholic girl knows to genuflect §

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