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Ending at dawn, matins is the monastic night-time liturgy of the canonical hours. In the Roman Catholic pre-Vatican-II breviary, it is divided into three nocturns. The name matins originally referred to the morning office also known as lauds.

near morning Mars usually appears distinctly red or yellow
eggs over easy, sunny, yellow, appear tits up
white moony sides, up, side effects infections
greasy blue of thee sea tides outside
why not like an orange as her wild and wide her Nile phase interrupted
leaves floated green floating delta
upside down around round like a body
air lines lined up all stranded here waiting
squeezed neat bakery hairnet in a row robes of roe
blue always waiting at the terminal portal
across the street slowly up roses
where the buses turn around and head down bushes
Bernadette to reach her Lourdes

The intact body in the reliquary of the Convent of St. Gildard of Nevers. “I would have liked to open her left side of the thorax to steel each rib and then remove the heart. However, it would have been rather difficult to try and get at my heart without doing too much noticeable damage.”


she humidity
and a hungry effervescence
withering the green fatigue of allowance
at early Lamas it rained off and on
I listen summon me I into a being
beg like the falling, fallen, sun on her knees
into the mouth, gape Lake Erie
burned, communion, dark yellow teeth like yolks
the sky’s red her lips red
the Mass hips in an other language
they kneel and pray, and need


July is another very hot month in Luxor, Egypt and with an average temperature of 33°C it is the hottest month of the year. The average high temperature is the same as June at 41°C, and the average low is a still-warm 24°C, so cold drinks can be enjoyed on a warm terrace in a late evening. July shares much the same weather as June, with 10mm rain, 30% humidity, 13 hours of sunshine per day.

being at night at the beginning
repeats a new kind, knot knew, what was coming
has was as have incantations, inclinations
decant in red carnations red
white pink ink again end

? Long ago and far away…


yours Nut my snuff
heart empty net my
liver a net of fish a stuck
my knot a crow
eating popcorn nuclear
and yellow as mine eyes
uranium Nestles chocolate
Honey Nut Cheerios
as night Nut
I popped a nut
blue, numb, and at Nun’s
Nut yours my lungs
brood witch
of congested desire


Restraint device.
travels the smoke further vespers trousers a fire poisonous
illness Lochness sicken me ail me something fruit sickened forest
sickle sickest most Freya ill eel ailing sic kitty alewife
kitty in thee well more stricken bad poor lied liver
sicken sick illing cast laid-up taken illest less
without well plucked net pill
ill fell fall spell pulled spill feathers
thee maid make up felon on upon me
no fallen falls dis come down with witchfell
pull plesiosaurs drawn with their necks drawn
swan position up upwards in a swan on picture
necked swam swimming decay disease easy a naked
                vulnerable cup bleed someone by using a glass in which a partial vacuum is formed by heating. Link cuffs, which have buttonholes on both sides and are meant to be closed with cufflinks or silk knots. They are most commonly fastened in either the “kissing” style, where the insides of both sides are pressed together, or very unusually with the outer face touching the inner face.

In July the average monthly rainfall in Buffalo is 1.96 inches with rain usually falling on 12 days. In July 1969 there was a total of 0.00 inches of rain that fell on 10 days.
I entered entertained encountered her druids applying the blood of doves to their skin could maintain beauty myself
with what wem lack of order or predictability entrance in hands all I ever wanted with empty handed hands up enter July empty handle with care
handed with a new summer on hand handed to me
safety pins
from behind the skirt of July outskirt
go around or past the edge of legs
give to exit hands on plum tomatoes
home grown nightshade dishes sauces tomayto toe
all to harvest I left reap leave with empty hands emptying nothing in nothing on
nothing to be gained
opaque from tip to toe tiptoe tip your toe in did dip nip
collapse in my arms declined into disorder of endless resurrection
calligraphy corpse metacarpal grasping organ oven
this Sobek, laid eggs on the bank of the waters of Nun. Crocodiles independently evolved a four-chambered heart, as did birds and mammals mainly fish, but it will attack almost anything unfortunate enough to cross its path, including zebras, small hippos, porcupines, birds, wildebeest, turtles, so sweet oval or cylindrical in shape, ghosts with significantly fewer seed compartments.


A conical or cylindrical roll of thread wound onto a spindle.
innocence innocented I’m run, a run, ruined
already ran to pick a pick-up had was
he’s touched touching letter any letter by letter
from the torches a sensitive glandular hair
my choice choose vegetables
chorus trees are enough choirs
injection who may slips the fabric
threads slingbacks a peacock of Salem
slip crime upon on off slip pack silk
slip sing shod the dark slings sink
innocent of morning gorgeous
once and night touch, club
a person employed to take care of horses.


He Said:
she, 7 poems untitled or [unidentified]
unfolds a National Geographic map
poems appear in I lose my hair
and my minds, full
All. Full of concentrated cleaning power, All® Fresh Rain now contains In-Wash Pre-Treaters for improved scent. Safe for all washing machines
all spell
she is like a simile: STOP
Ford Taurus
Spelling bee, Exit 3 / Clarence Center / 17 miles
her legs are perfect rose bushes
she is blue and red and Berber Carpet
Coca Cola couplets her breasts like racoon
raccoons have remarkably sensitive hands
what they’re doing when they wet and rub an object is “seeing” it
it’s thought that water contact increases a raccoon’s tactile ability
in the expensive darkness Oreo filling
a cricket forest


Storm brought power outages to Niagara and drenching rain flooded streets in Lockport. Lightning also struck four homes and a church in Amherst but damage was light.

opening open the peanut butter Peter Pan
an wheel encircles to fit a mirror sea of fay mercy musical
Carousel “here there *is* no time; this is the beginning and the end”
West Side Story “I a victim of disappointment”
lawn fete fate chose to have phased out
passed had will wont worn kestos
cannot have undue will not
gone did gone here, home
opened into negation
the different dishes into a fit perfect fit, had one
who what hem her shoe where unformed deformed
fit the sound of choice toward to too Tu Fu
crept into find went left

used with a past participle to form the perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect spirits, and the conditional mood Tresemmé
I in perpetuity have finished washing my hair
or whatever.


Ulan Bator. Thunderstorms are the most severe precipitation observed during 51% of those days with precipitation. They are most likely around July 25, when it is observed during 28% of all days.
I wish upon vacant stores to be simplified
love Simplicity a pattern sew
lama silk or yak
an ladder that didn’t not didn’t do
done in did
drain one up in need to
or rungs
rugs the champagne changing room
I became Lon Chaney’s desire
I had Cochise cheese
my choice unchanged unchained
to be change for the bus
in the old days of yak coin were used
was of use to me I
thunderstormed under
said his is the new moon a tomato
creeping caution from the cult
cottonwood woods at night time
Missa, the Mystery and air-mass thunderstorms are associated with warm, moist and thus unstable air-masses in the summer months. They develop locally during the afternoon or late in the day in response to insolation through convective heating from the surface. Thus they are also known as single-cell thunderstorms. Typically they do not persist very long — usually an hour or so — and disappoint rather quickly after sunrise. Gradually, I pour a liquid Shelley, ’s, heart did not burn


The Morton Salt Umbrella Girl and slogan first appeared on the blue package of table salt in 1914. Throughout the years the ageless girl has changed dresses and hairstyles to stay fashionable.
the spy of his morning you are closer to the end
close in the end of the spiders a washcloth at hand
clothed in all balled up and all ready to go
for thy body in August Anubis with priests unclothed begun
already begin then thee process
my make ready sea wrapping
must be a birthday I have been
webbed about by wounds
strings strange embalmed
between these inflamed fingered upon
I am balled in silk split am sweet
and tasted table salt
sodium carbonate decahydrate
the August the, the body are the spidered webs
time out
enough is enough
my spider bites me
while I sleep spiders equal angels
they are everywhere in my harvested haunted
and her treat traveled about
from my hunting inside deep with I depth where
on my thunkskull up of it an shore
than I am cast


as in the beginning of September
is now was were wear where
and ever shell be
the curled nautilus lush
emptied glass
I know less
now than whens now and again
I knew less


feed upon her ever-regenerating liver
over Sais most wanton wanting Lent
stop wanted watch for let’s went
I’m gone far
was I was weres
I went go going
going gone got
on with it ghost in infection upon
wanted orange Queen-O
gonad ghost in a with a witch
summer an wadka in unison wikka
all glassed fit intox
Imhotep hoped

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