Magdalena Ball: 2 poems

  Magdalena Ball

  Two poems:

  Stargazy, and
  Decoherence Through the Window
Oh luminous sphere of plasma
tell me now
let’s not mess about
I could get a crick
craning towards the sky
while I wait for an answer.

In the end, we’re all like you
burning up our fuel
collapsing after what feels like
ten thousand years
give or take
in the relative forever.

Flawed and yelling
I stand on heavy legs
star bound
Just an ordinary
hydrogen-burning fool
scratching out my final
glowing moments
beneath an atmosphere of dust
and a canopy of eucalyptus
poor shade
while I look to
the Milky Way
with hunger and

Decoherence Through the Window
Sometimes it’s all about the window.
You do everything right, playing
a finger along the dusty ledge
follow the manual without fail
colour in the lines just so and
still the window remains closed
all the good stuff
happening outside the pane
life suffers
in the spaces between a blue wall
a pink floor.

The orange recess stays shut: two dimensions.

Destination looks like an opening. Thick crosses of
certainty hint at the full Mardi Gras, what
feathers and flowers you might be missing
on this side as you edge forward in time
listening for music beyond the frame.

Until the moment you open it
probability waves against a fluttering
hand, the tightly packed microscopic
pixels remain unlimited,
possibilities surrounding you
multifoliate, like energy.

Magdalena Ball
Magdalena Ball

Magdalena Ball is managing editor of the Compulsive Reader. She is the author of several novels (Black Cow, Sleep Before Evening), poetry books and chapbooks (Repulsion Thrust, Quark Soup, Sublime Planet), and a nonfiction book (The Art of Assessment). Her work has been shortlisted for a number of awards and translated into several languages and she has been involved in a number of anthologies and collaborations. Find out more about Magdalena at

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