Lisa Samuels: 4 poems

  Lisa Samuels

  Four poems

  JPR 07

Memory 1
sheer mouth he’s all unbundled
metal paper splashed on planche

the wet tongue flaps
laquel amour le corps annul

the instruments want that touch
aflash with techne apogee in train

they pitch the strict unwind
a magnet’s quilted crush

as though an animal on its side
means learning over

Memory 2
The bird shunts in her
    clatters out and sweeps
the ground flies back
her mouth its angle
wings    it’s fit again and she can
    rule to speak    drown out
    the air in breathing
sentencers perch on
brainsweets and    pluck
pluck the creed of    look
that frieze so beautiful
flesh imbibing    inside    fits
Memory 3
The word sun never enters
with a tour on patter
hits the sun’s edge up
with stony twilight
octave to our blast

unseen the bracket’s formal white
fleeced morning key an actual tower
linking slight the tiny cat
whose promised tight release

as marred by sequel
love’s oblique a cornered
travel for without a clock
the rocks warm up
our legs to speak

Memory 4
the ripe guard tires of understanding
beats the furniture to hear

the herald fatal to a trap-trap
rock in the bare world
window strains a friendly certain

listen pre-decided he or it down with
a hmm we squelch our mouths
replacement smile to time
pequeño with tut tut



US and New Zealand poet Lisa Samuels, January 2017. Photo by W.C. Tank.

Lisa Samuels is a transnational poet, essayist, and sound artist whose recent books are Tender Girl (Dusie 2015), Over Hear: six types of poetry experiment in Aotearoa/New Zealand (TinFish 2015), A TransPacific Poetics, edited with Sawako Nakayasu (Litmus 2017), and Symphony for Human Transport (Shearsman 2017). Among other things, she’s currently working with US director W.C. Tank on a film version of her book Tomorrowland and teaching writing and theory at The University of Auckland in Aotearoa/New Zealand.


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