Liam Ferney: 3 poems

  Liam Ferney

  Three poems

  Away Day

that He should allow evil
to exist, & out of it produce netflix
seems justification enough
for Aleppo, chill?

Augustine asks: ‘What was wrong
with the men in that meme?’
It’s not rhetorical, there’s a quiz
at the end of this October afternoon

after United’s sunk, mid-
strength drunk. This is a riot
no time for a shrinking violet.
Spring leaves come back

swift as bad science. It might take time
but eventually the monkeys turn in
an annotated transcript of
Real Housewives of Chattanooga

Season 13 and we take a gap year
to DJ your Big Easy.

  Ode: TB

for G

Start new poems with old songs.

We’re strangers in the universe
when September rotates over us
& I can’t decide if G
stands for Ghandi, genocide,
two points in Scrabble
or simply S___.

                    You learn this;
a stowaway (no moon)
eyeballing a cliff,
the blank bully
rending timber and sailors
on an uncharted coast.

Some of this is simply baroque,
carved into your Imperial sandstone
                              on a calm
night by the sea.

  Storm Season

i is only half I

(tin roof rain)
is this what sleep sounds like?
fan breeze bleaching a room
infomercials replace snow

what sleep is: Wonder Boy 2: a game
I never had the patience to finish?
appropriately deployed reflexes

the mornings get earlier
and i forget the glory
of the late afternoon

hershey kissed
in yr mosquito net

which of the prayers are
we allowed to let lapse?

Jane Freilecher dies so far from Frank
I was surprised she was still alive

post-storm SUVs
slice through soggy gutters

and I make a point
to finish this poem
before you come over

laden with white wine kisses??



Liam Ferney’s most recent collection is Content (Hunter Publishing). His previous collection, Boom (Grand Parade Poets), was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Poetry Prize and the Queensland Poetry Prize. He is a media manager, poet and aspiring left back (soccer football) living in Brisbane, Australia.


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