Liam Ferney: 3 poems

  Liam Ferney


  JPR 08

  Four turns and how to head them

Four turns and how to do them:
It means, and then, it happens, so long.


The diet soft drink you declined
quenches #badlifechoices:
my work phone is fine but my iPhone
is nowhere to be found.

Springsteen plays “Sandy” (natch)
& I’m wondering why your pet possum
picked Pat White over everything else.
Pellets left like petals.

Let’s get real: I want to stand again
in Thursday’s rain,
furnish the hit
with a new refrain.

  The promise of oranges

A plane is a block of flats.
Stuff small talk overhead.
A promoted destination’s perfect day.

We’re all going the same way,
even when flying
in opposite directions.

Through the portals:
no clouds only another 737
on its morning commute.

This dance looks all grace.
But no one was calm.
It was futile to wave.


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