Larry Sawyer: 3 poems

  Larry Sawyer

  3 poems

  Censored Life; It Was the Rhythm of the
  Thing to Be; At the Speed of Swound
  Censored Life

Look, mother freaker, you

better have my mutual funding money.
If you weren’t such a Shirley head I’d

stick this foolin’ gun up your

mother funkin’ lass.

Look, daddy head, I’m going to make this clear you



You been writin’ checks your

ice can’t cash!

There’s only one thing I want you to do:
Put your hand in that fooling bag and give me my

fashion money.
That’s right you little witch, get up off that maggot little lass.

Do what you’re told,


[Sound of door kicked open. Police enter.]

Freeze, mother forgetter!

  It Was the Rhythm of the Thing to Be

That described its permanence, like horoscopes
on a Saturday morning in a Jello chair.       Snopes

couldn’t debunk our flirtations at the
laundromat, although we publicly washed separately

the colors of malice and chromatic calm as the
political debate raged on. Even on

weekends while the polis lounges discreetly
sweet how your body calls to me,

as if the quarters we spent on laundry were
apostrophes signifying possessives.

At that altitude, full of confidences it was
kinky that we skied down each vertiginous

moment.                   Tonight ignoring the reader there who
ferments quietly in glamorous confusion.

  At the Speed of Swound

Nap time is my familiar chainsaw.
I have no problem with teensploitation.
In a binary bunch of bananas you’re
wild as a first date but unfortunately we are suitably clothed.

Are there no beasts remaining at the edges of the map?
Is there a burning bush in the eye of bologna?
I once purchased a plastic duck and later burned it.

Black is the color of yes and no on Mondays.
You’ll melt if you keep ruminating over the results.

Kerosene has a way of making friends.
Fourteen is the toothpaste of god.



Larry Sawyer is the author of Unable to Fully California (Otoliths), Vertigo Diary (BlazeVox), Breaking Lorca (White Hole Press), and Pool Chatter (White Hole Press). His work was also recently included in the anthology Poem-a-Day: 365 Poems for Every Occasion (Academy of American Poets). He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois where he curates the Myopic Poetry Series and is the co-director of The Chicago School of Poetics.


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