Kent Johnson: 4 poems

  Kent Johnson

  Four Poems for the
  Party Conventions

  1. Slovenia Will Never be the Same

                    — for Melania Trump

Slovenia will never be the same.

  2. My Hair’s a Golden Helmet in the Sun

                    — for Donald Trump


  3. I Am a Good Person, Overall

                    — for Hillary Clinton

Though I love all children in the Village, I would, of course, use nuclear weapons against Iran if called for.

  4. Don’t be Mad at Me

                    — for Bernie Sanders

OK, OK, so I didn’t run an independent campaign… I talked to the Language Poets and they said no.

  Kent Johnson, left.
  Kent Johnson, left.

Kent Johnson lives in the United States, though maybe not for much longer. He is co-editor, with Michael Boughn (who lives in Canada, also maybe for not much longer), of Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, a more or less frequently updated autonomous zone of satire, institutional critique, archival curiosities, essays, polemics, poems, and inappropriate poetic fun. He wrote the above sequence in approximately three minutes, while watching the Republican Convention, which endorsed Donald Trump as Presidential candidate on a Republican ticket, on the night of July 19, 2016.


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