joanne burns: 4 poems

  joanne burns

  4 poems

  JPR 07


refrigerate the deal
pouting ain’t pretty
when words lose
their mercantilist lisp
more wealth accumulation
in pursed jaw hibernation
imagine the dna bubbling
in that patriotic swamp while
the quack sleeps between the
lobster and the mousse         will there
be free gold curtains any time soon —


the wind blew ~
a delinquent artery
hurtling along the parade
of the damned hopeful
slamming through sound
barriers with skateboard
precision         the leviathan
of apartment towers hits
another sinkhole     who
pulled the plug in this
city of home improvement,
its duchies of power
drill rodeos         hold onto
your tickets and contracts if
that is your heart rate’s
decision         but you won’t
get your moolah back —
you’re off the plan
though you’ve done all
the math on your i-phone
see those mass graves of
hard hats         rank drains
of delusion ~


the anarchy of sober
noodles         does the buck
stop here         crazy logic
of lava citadels         the swanky
ambiguity of matador pants
a breach in the futurosity of
time         blini addicts duck
and cover in their ancestral
glug boots down the blackholes
of juvenilia     cosy as irish moss


a stockpile of crime
fiction to glide through
inside christmas         a cosyness
of birth death rebirth         this summery
staycation         guns forensics fists and
gods         warm blood thrums as you savour
one death then another another         sip cool
g&t-s suck on tamarind tiger prawns
digest dark plums of best seller fear
mediated     humid

downstairs along the greasy mile
bashings stabbings screeches and screams
cheap deals of powders and pellets     mashed
evidence in the gutters     dreary dull
unframed     you reach for another novel
& douse your mouth with mango


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