joanne burns: Three poems

  joanne burns

  3 poems

  mission drift / hallmark / prospectical
  mission drift
the triathlon sedition needs
more than a hyphen   too much
sweat factor for something so abstract;
how could you make a decent
syllogism of it, too hard on the
footwear and the festivity gene —
for the prima facie vitamin load
tick borderline hallucinogenic it’s
got altitude overload    preferable
to file it under frenemy
of the state      so hopalong now
cursory glance
mango scars on the
eiderdown      dead
ducks in the paisley
knee prints on the raisin
toast      wild oats absconding
down the gullet of the stainless
steel sink      a housemaid
hijacks a lear limousine
with a thimble of blood
is drafting another crime fiction
so many fears after bedtime      cracked
wedgewood keens in the scullery
tenderise that cold
shoulder with a comprehensive
study plan      the samurai option
the bean stalk epic      chocolate
block virtue      scholastic sunsets
on corrosive horizons      ruminate
for all your worth


wisp-ering ballerinas frieze
along your cortex like graceful
vermin      time to fumigate the thesaurus
exhume the algebraic from the bottom
of the well —

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