joanne burns: 3 poems

  joanne burns

  3 poems

  Model Citizen


excitement     a revised
flyover to choctop
boredom     so let’s sip
prosecco like white
chiffon flutologists
how those 3d-eed
bubbles tickle your
fancy     i went to
the wrong movie but
had the right ticket
for an emergency tax
deduction     i’m sorry
i can’t remember the
director’s name was it
fellini, bergman, or taran-
tino     everyone seems to rush
out before the credits start
to roll — i’m indebited to
the reliability of an elevator
even if the traffic lights insist
on being stubborn     the spring
water is half the price across
the rheumatoidal road     they call
it tank stream spa     well did you
bring your pack of loyalty cards

  model citizen

is it a deal
always that juggle
with the bubble
the intimate triangle
of the talentoidal clock
brief bun burgers laced
with secret hooks ˜ ˜
hi carb and barb how
fries lie   a bikini backed
career on the sand; patriot
koalas hit the ground running
like scouts


a dataset glut risk
geographically concentrated
apartments     wobble like notional
agreements     heebie jeebies     heckle
and jeckle are coming to peck you out
in the flat pack airflows     executive
breakdowns in subtower carparks status
details so quo     commemorative coins joyride
above karmic clouds     remuneration surrenders
to cardboard shoes     press the elevator
button     we’re going down


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