Deborah Meadows: Six poems

  Deborah Meadows

  Six poems

  from the Sevens series



1. More public art of cowboys.

2. We have to repeat this
    until we get it right.

3. We sleep outside, we sleep publicly.

4. Under stars.

5. Understudy.

6. Sacred boys, we want you.

7. Shared fund: pooling drive, Romulus.


1. the Way of Tea

2. the Way of tee-hee; platinum-iridium

3. outside Paris, our kilogram now weighs less

4. flux to constant, then tonic after all

5. could we express math in ceremony?

6. Try electro-magnetic current,
    use Planck’s constant

7. it’s an idea; Buddhist ‘convention’


1. mountains: Piutes, Pluto, Kepler-452b

2. have we made our habitable zone

3. Symposium triangle: Socrates,
    poets of tragedy and comedy

4. once dead, always

5. speak of Love: the mean, mediator,

6. why use ‘ultimate’ terms?

7. false gravity, specific alcohol potation


1. Partch created BooBams to
    accompany Chet Baker

2. humorous: over-sized

3. said ‘bamboo spelled sideways’

4. Yank, our parody

5. pain requisite for ‘ha!’

6. he, or Mozart, as subject
    another’s composition

7. is it a mausoleum?


1. Sister Corita Kent had a message:

2. No one said, ‘You can wear
    your costume. ’

3. Steve Roden’s ‘seed’ text
    by Ponge

4. long and two-sided

5. diagonal essence, here and scribble
    over there

6. a fertility symbol, when another
    is beside you in language

7. incarnations of Christ
    or things?


1. Othello

2. (circle of attention, Stanislavsky:
    An Actor Prepares)

3. do you feel betrayal?

4. when you dice each step, each
    knob turn, shoulder drop?

5. ‘scientists announce a unicellar
    common ancestor to eukaryotes’

6. It comes through you.

7. People in makeshift encampments
    ‘jumped to 9,500


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