Arpine Konyalian Grenier: 2 poems

  Arpine Konyalian Grenier

  2 poems

  from Willed Capital

Contouring Will

Ah the temper of mainstays and noodling minds thinking
it’s not what all it was meant to be but
it is something

some music thing cuddling fear unto death
enacting responsibilities for ground
the pull non-material for example

non-matter labelled spiritual lacks definition
morphs into interrupted recitative meter
blocks my domain

the ontic that I am faces non-utilitarian rules
harnesses restrains to hold all
for some better use as if

                beauty is automated justice

inversions sprout beholden to need
give me the story you say
there is no story

freedom shuns the algebraic we hold
in childhood ways and reversibility

insignificance dulled passion

I abstract away with no path or order I say
I’m not the highest manifestation of will
nor self-replicating surveyor
one succumbs to

I insist on cloud space to study agency and subsets
song and sobs and sinew stamp me inevitable
the politic of language intercedes
one-liners and former lives
foreseen consequence
                                        the accidental natural

what and who come up as irrational or non-utilitarian
plethora of potential mistaken for violation
non-applicability contours fact
colors it
                bleeding continues

how the intended turns utilitarian then
the notion to act or not widens
omission related
                                narrows scope.

Claiming G, the Pull

What is motive is suspect when a world is bleeding in rage
distance and time revolve doors I knowingly go through
after undoing the delusions imposed on me
necessarily redundant

                but we love you they say

asymmetries cancel one another
regional experience mirrors
silicon drifts
                                hence tongue hence words

you and I had signed up for more however
how emotion informs and deforms
Gauss meter Coulomb all

                irresponsible bullets

          proof pending

nothing will make what’s unclaimed disappear
names we assign make me curious
what’s hidden is but impasse
implicate denied
                                particle withdrawal

bleeding continues decidedly
emotion inexorably paled
the new real hue
                                hence still

I we you quark to proton to black hole
shredding away expression
repeatedly reformed

did that star lose its hydrogen shield or what?
are dark holes spinning power modules?

the Universe may not be 83% dark matter after all
XNA may be the RNA for some other life
grotto peaks out there surrender to

                          put together love says

language evolving bullet by bullet as pace and position rephrase
hierarchy the indelible corruptively or corrupted
a question of put together lives
shifty and amorphous

limits chance its staging the framing and nostalgia
genotype to phenotype reels new and true
in and out of mutilated content

dulled beaks and armors beyond some
carp and kerosene hierarchy
hence fleeting hence still
hence tear
                        de la tête

we may be scalar fields or multi-colored energy
some small but heavy origin of mass begs for
hide for endurance potential or reverie
after a life a collective’s detail

bitten off pace and position to keenly be in
a cloudy space collapsing into star
primed and disposed

persistently disappearing to reappear
            roaring flashing sputtering sound

neither because nor product of darkened bone
a conventional something making news
indicating undone symmetries
but maybe not

the computational space of experience
language empathy and all part of
or because or does it matter?

yes it does but
does it



Arpine Konyalian Grenier is an independent scholar and poet, author of four collections: St. Gregory’s Daughter; Whores from Samarkand; Part, Part, Euphrates; The Concession Stand: Exaptation at the Margins. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.


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