A.J. Carruthers, Ern Malley and others: poems

  Andrew J Carruthers and others

  The EM+ Stanzas

  JPR 07

For ‘Ern Malley’, see Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ern_Malley


Impassive flogging dramatically home, gásp into the línes, somewhere Aunt Sally scoffers byword’s differ-Ilia.

Halfpenny municipality hours

glide furtively till Hammersmith difference spins dividends.

Glorying-in sóftens the fibre question, Delicately Phalanstère revolts feudally,

standing in a rambling, neglected garden,    “Arrived”             offers unsummerly literature   ; trained-
limes elaborate Bateau Mouche Créteil [Cretee], iron-barred, monastic minutes smite on the senses

Luxurious pink-flowered artist-Trappists, mány-coloured

full-in-the-eye-of-the-sun, péep the cupola, artfully-blended, slóping grávely around scrupulous kitchens.

Interesting paragraph philanthropy expresses eccentricities inside Finnish legislation,

newspapers swarming on a dirge paused near Grippenberg

Teeming maladministration stupendous on the verge of miserable permission

husband organisations cráve financial expression

luminaries shatter     salad, engulfing

university helplessness, “sur le vif” [seeyo le vife]         devitalizing electricity

vibrating Germany vigorously

barricaded outside Clyde, thin-chested, hunger-crushed — till evening interpretation surprised Administrators

emotionally under bowel psychology. Ordinary weather-gauge statements

rewards beat in beat, bare hope bare, more hőur, more

orientation mechanisms ponderous

under duration regulating

spiritual Russian omelette distribution, parasitic Webbism.

Hammer juggleries recognise machinery.


EM-DM 4 (+DF)

Years voluminous, mútual súpermarket Admirals haloed in unmelodramatic Shropshire outraged in formaldehyde, administer tragedy

unscrupulous on instruction, urging obligatory congratulation.

Socialists at Stuttgart, honoured among Zassoulitch, discharge a bundle of fallacies in January.

Rosa Morland, sliding from an ambulance, hovers temple-ceilinged above Geelong,
till propitious relations stifle Vera’s diet.

Ismailovitch droops, escutcheons, almost lachrymose in artificial Czechoslovakian lamentation-mitigation.

Laminated funerals influence traditional anarchism. Somber stanza-bonanzas burst garrulously between Panamas.

Emotional Alpacas sprinted sorrowfully around Catalonia — Turnus eventually accelerated héavily upon zeppelins.

Barcelona hovered horizontally above orderly amusement, energising Alonso inside Patagonia.

Thirty-four Italians sprint somberly toward Hungary. Yesterday guillotined twilight ceased outside magnificent, cumbersome locomotives.

Spectacular Alpacas gain inflammatory counterpoint, discovering regular information, startled around fluttering assumption.

Ordinary Alpacas gather regular misery through superluminary plenisolar elongation.

Equal absolutism governed municipal laundries containing selected litanies, burying interesting vertical sentence radiation.

Under-patterned from Carlton, old gold’s organised, subsidised, poised under salt-contempt.



Wággon mosquitoes were never upset. Wet-mísery-spring, salary sureties are foolishness, April’s

standish fowling-piece duffing with belly.

Protection saw position-starvation, obtaining not harbouring 100 boiling ant-beds.

Pretences fashion mustering turnip lions, hipped vines; foot-bogged for gelding Ruita Cruta   ;   that clever spéwy omen

extermin-ating transaction dishes that empty the flour, tins of Gretta

Murderous on Lonigan. The frightened Superintendent returns intervening, unslinging

alternative parcels slewed as they intended them,

Telegram’s document genera, tucker tailing, spiked in Tallarook.

Gretta remembers three, unfortunate in Benalla. Eleven Sergeants in conversation hear

unicorns upset a houseful of frightening fives

thankful from lagged rest laid left, laid Fitzpatrick, laid Benalla.

Turnips mustering superior in Lydicher move green sentences, Guerilla word provisions

uphold Pentridge dungeons, experiencing speedy equilibrium.


EM-NK 2 (+RC)

Helpless horsestealers damaging inhabitants invented Saints.

Wrong-stump-enticement society dropped guano, hardworking rambling gambler Saints,

experienced at Auctioneer Unions

acquainted with Saints, acquire Saint brains Saint-against-starcher,

stock rain stúmped chains, certainly obtaining Saints

obtaining remanded Sergeants without Queens. Queens invented horses.

German Skillions handle discharged saucepans.



The breath death leapt, vaguely hearkened, dug-draggéd drew; áccents slŏwly dipped, darkened, myrrh môly, Tethy’s —

slope spur supremely sultry, Acis’s gracious fleet-feet attended unison successively, haul’d

sharp-divided & forky-shap’d by weather-beat comprehension-expression.

Dull dogmas drouth, turpentine thunders complain, bleak-blown, flínty-glorified,

senseless-miráculous-flinty, forgotten flinty, flinty sunshiny amain,

retain pondering CLAMOUR, desolation, Affection; upbraid éarth’s eves

vows brow, wing-thing’s-past-woke, blast-break-weeping — wept slept, vexéd exile.

Brigalow bubble and brattle YE ween, startle echeu’s glued to Barcoo Narran,

Specific fogs quailing dismally upon viper-breed’s mutinous calculus.



Torrent-voices vanished, gathered in Spain. Down-smothered and gleaming, crag-pent

holy ówl shapes thínk upon golden-footed kindness

eloquent splintered symphonies delight along Kangaroo vapour, night-shadows

Wild-timorous on quail stillness, snuffing speed arrows hopelessly

in splendid glistening gladness, rippled-slimy

stealing at múffled mónks, flit-mossy-restless, sleep vessels

ever, èver around us sweeping dropping sobbing, sóbbing silver

Glorious billows clamber, glóomy fruitless, sheeted sweetest, low-breathed float-baffled

restless backward músic breakers where the down-swooping

inspiration’s fond beyónd linger-troubling, ambitious chíming delusion

misery   ;   Deepening darling dolour sunbursts-moony

misery   ;   Morning screaming cheerless

is withered, loud, thirsty, withered with sad-fragrant sound,

noon frámed and sháme-fallacious in many-languaged wine-dark everywhere.

September sacrifices twenty helicopter associations. Forty excruciating summers fly past,

úpstruggled, hurried, státely, and viewless. Sixty gleesome Romans,

ancient in flower-zoned vine-blood, utter rúddy suggestions

round combined light, sáddened in Márch.

Kiama shudders somewhere through stern cloudrack description


The expression transfigures the Rover, throwing fan-wise gloomy-browed Byron at Urara

here while delusive bliss blossoms bury Hawkesbury

emotional like Geraldine stealing rhymes round Euroma

Worn syllables fell alóne over austere-coppery threshold slumberers.



Blue = AI SaddleBrown = AD Green = AC Red/underlined = ALL SHOUT

Inseparable with-patient-looks-nailed CONSTRUCTED CONCEALMENT CONSPIRATORS
      nut-coloured chronicle remuneration eye-glue yellow-lidded
árguement sleek-necked fractional
            tricolour parallel nósebridge medállions

                        THERMIDOR obstruction constructions
                        NEWMAN’S FUNDAMENTAL BUNDLE
      fast-flowing Modern Diversifier Farmer
IMAGINATION CONVERTIBILITY wheelspokes expression fired expression thistlepoints
              voyage pods
              expectations disinclination        gruff guidons grássblades
Susy said we’ll sell them to the Pope.     Doctor Volta floated bricks with cream boats.
            Unháppy unpalatable filling-in-tíme
      bumping thumping pulsing
                        original comet Waterspouts.
                  differentiation machines
    Nothing orchestrated scissors
            HOSPODAR mantelpiece crisis

              DOMINO DON       distand-motorsickles
              BROGLIE banished flowering chestnuts
leadership thoughts replastering all-weather all-purpose sulkiness —
rice mills
              anchors disappointed toothbrushes, cóffee candles lóbster tea
furiously succulent under
Australia URIZEN QUACKENBUSH       dóme báck dóme           fan mist flaps         feet falls feeet
                    neither slide, regains craft, cuff, veil dáy valve

                              TEN WHEELED PATENT
                    SCROGGS’S ABSTRACT     NONCHALANTY


The above seven poems are reading drafts from a finite series of sixteen poems dubbed the EM+ stanzas. Each has a seed text, The Darkening Ecliptic (hence EM, Ern Malley), and a number of “additional” source texts. Hence the titles are EM-DM (the DM being Dora Montefiore, Australian socialist feminist), EM-NK (Ned Kelly), EM-HK (Henry Kendall) and EM-JHD (Jas H. Duke, specifically his 1978 concrete novel-poem-drama Destiny Wood). The seed is either an acrostic or an “antecrostic”; following the end letter of the line rather than the first. After laying out the seed text I spontaneously and freely “pulled” a word from a section in the source, written conventionally from left-to-right. Care was taken to use rhythms from “surrounding” words or phrases not used, in the next stanza.

Occasionally what I term the “chorastic” method was employed to lay phrases down vertically from extra source-texts like Diane Fahey (DF) and Raffaello Carboni (RC). Though derived from the mesostic and the diastic (the latter a method of Jackson Mac Low), the “chorastic” emphasizes a balance of vertical and horizontal axes through seed and source. Often more than one vertical seed axis was deployed to supplement the antecrostic.

Rhythms occur with “outscape” and “outstress”, developed from the instress and inscape of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and which might be viewed as a reinterpretation or extension of Hopkins’ invention. Attention has been drawn to the exteriority of sound, stress and rhythm, written into the text using diacritical markings. Exterior rhythm, dissonant prosody.

Some may be performed with multiple voices. The final of the seven poems was performed with Amy Ireland and Amelia Dale at Toby Fitch’s Sappho Books Café and Bar poetry reading series on July 11, 2017.

 — A.J. Carruthers


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