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John Tranter’s 2012 Tapa Notebook Page —

page 029

[ Right, 1 penny (1d, using the L.S.D. nomenclature from Latin) stamp in red and black ink on white paper, about Captain Cook, bearing the legend ‘Cook’s Rediscovery of New Zealand 1939’ and 1840–CENTENNIAL OF NEW ZEALAND–1940, and a drawing if his ship labelled ‘H.M. Bark Endeavour’, a map of New Zealand (based on ‘Cooks’s Chart of New Zealand 1769’ and a fanciful portrait of ‘Captain Cook’. ] [ Below this, a modern NZ 24 cent stamp labelled Antarctic Geology Research containing a picture of three people (one, closer, examining a fossil) and a distant motorised sled, with a mountain way in the distance ] [ Red ink: ] in 1944. The / play traces Captain / Robert Scott’s / Antarctic expedition / from 4 January 1912, when Scott and his four companions / Wilson, Bowers, Oates and Evans / set out on the final dash to the / South Pole, to the last entry in / Scott’s diary on 29 March 1912. / As the tragedy unfolds, the / omniscient narrator/announcer / traces the historic journey, whose / glory the participants themselves / are fated never to know. The / Fire on the Snow is remarkable

The Fire on the Snow was a remarkably successful radio play, in the days when radio plays mattered.

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These are scans of pages of a Tapa Notebook, filled out by Australian poet John Tranter for the University of Auckland Library. It recounts his experiences in Auckland in March 2012 at the University’s symposium ‘Short Takes on Long Poems’. John has published an internet journal with similar material. This Notebook has the advantage of handwriting, doodles, decoupage and lots of colourful New Zealand stamps. Copyright Notice: Please respect the fact that all the material on this site is copyright © and the individual authors 2012 to 2016 et seq. It is made available here without charge for personal study and enjoyment by individuals only. It may not be stored, displayed, published, reproduced, or used for any other purpose.


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