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John Tranter’s 2012 Tapa page —

page 023

[ Right: stamp: New Zealand 2.5 pence Christmas 1964, FIRST CHRISTIAN SERVICE IN NEW ZEALAND 1814; picture of a colourful crowd of natives with Maori minister preaching, guarded by a man in military uniform ]
[Purple ink: ] I’ll quickly pass / Over Virgil’s Aeneid / And the Anglo- / Saxon Skald epics, and indeed / Malory’s magnificent Le Morte / D’Arthur, because they don’t / support my shaky thesis. / [ Black ink: ] Here are some Romantic long poems : Shelley: ‘Prometheus / Unbound’; Wordsworth: philosophy / with a human face : ‘Recluse’ / (including the ‘Prelude’, 1850 and / ‘The Excursion’); Byron, ‘Don / Juan’ (see Kenneth Koch, if you / have time; I don’t, here), and my / favourite — Matthew Arnold’s / ‘Sohrab and Rustum’, which /

In the title of Byron’s Don Juan, the last word is pronounced JOO-un, as though by an English person who was unaware of the correct pronunciation.
Kenneth Koch: refers to the New York poet Kenneth Koch (1925-2002), whose (Grove Press, 1960) book Ko, or A Season on Earth was written ‘during a Fulbright year in Florence during which Koch was supposedly writing his doctoral dissertation… [instead] he delighted in writing this epic narrative poem in ottava rima and iambic pentameter in the tradition of Byron’s Don Juan and Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso. The interwoven plots move among Cincinnati, Tucson, Paris, Tahiti, Pompeii, Rome, Kalamazoo, Tibet, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Rapallo. The main characters include a Japanese baseball star, a neurotic financier who hopes to control the earth’s dogs, an unhappy Cockney, an English private eye, and an “Action Poet”.’ (from http://kennethkoch.org/Biblio.htm ). You can read my 1989 interview with Koch in my internet Journal here.

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These are scans of pages of a Tapa Notebook, filled out by Australian poet John Tranter for the University of Auckland Library. It recounts his experiences in Auckland in March 2012 at the University’s symposium ‘Short Takes on Long Poems’. John has published an internet journal with similar material. This Notebook has the advantage of handwriting, doodles, decoupage and lots of colourful New Zealand stamps. Copyright Notice: Please respect the fact that all the material on this site is copyright © and the individual authors 2012 to 2016 et seq. It is made available here without charge for personal study and enjoyment by individuals only. It may not be stored, displayed, published, reproduced, or used for any other purpose.


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