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John Tranter’s 2012 Tapa Page  —

page 002

Text: First, a summary of my / four days in Auckland. / This follows closely my / account of the visit on / my internet Journal. / [ red dividing line with dots ] / [ Pale blue paragraph sign: pilcrow, to those who care ] I left Sydney at dawn on / Wednesday 28 March 2012 / headed for New Zealand on an / Emirates A380 Airbus, a massive / double-decker plane that / drives like an aircraft carrier / full of warm mud. / Arrived in Auckland / and booked into the Quadrant /

Commentary: (1) My internet Journal is located at http://johntranter.net (2) The word Emirates refers to the fact that the nation that owns the plane is governed by non-elected, non-democratic emirs who oppose democracy as though their lives depended on it. Which they do. Next time you fly Emirates, please reflect on that. It used to be Millions of American Dollars of Oil Money that kept them rich; now it is your money that keeps them where they are. (3) According to Slashdot, ‘The Internet and Web will be downgraded to internet and web tomorrow (2016-06-01) with the new edition of the AP Stylebook. Therefore, today (2016-05-31) marks their last day as proper nouns.’ The AP Stylebook is a manual that many journalists follow, offering a comprehensive guide to the usage of words, style, spelling and punctuation. ‘The argument for lowercasing Internet is that is has become wholly generic, like electricity and the telephone. It never was trademarked and is not based on any proper noun,’ writes Tom Kent, AP Standards Editor. ‘The best reason for capitalizing it in the past may have been that the term was new. At one point, we understand, Phonograph was capitalized.’ The two names will join the likes of website (formerly Web site) and email (formerly e-mail). I am pleased to see this. J.T., 2016 06 02

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These are scans of pages of a Tapa Notebook, filled out by Australian poet John Tranter for the University of Auckland Library. It recounts his experiences in Auckland in March 2012 at the University’s symposium ‘Short Takes on Long Poems’. John has published an internet journal with similar material. This Notebook has the advantage of handwriting, doodles, decoupage and lots of colourful New Zealand stamps. Copyright Notice: Please respect the fact that all the material on this site is copyright © and the individual authors 2012 to 2016 et seq. It is made available here without charge for personal study and enjoyment by individuals only. It may not be stored, displayed, published, reproduced, or used for any other purpose.


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