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check out our StyleGuide (in the Main Menu): you will find lots of useful hints about writing for HTML. And did you know that JPR accepts writing formatted in any of the common styles:

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Use any style you like: ensure that the style is used consistently, and that it is sensible and helps, not hinders, the reader. But do read the StyleGuide (a Menu item) first. Thanks.

US poet Nicole Mauro
US poet Nicole Mauro
  The Journal of Poetics Research

is an international, generally peer-reviewed, online journal of research in a wide range of disciplines concerned with the theory and practice of literary discourse in culture, media and the arts broadly conceived, including poetry, prose, journalism, drama, cinema, radio and television, as well as with literary, historical, social, institutional and psychological modes of narrative, theory and contention. Phew!

US poet Sylvia Plath
US poet Sylvia Plath

It is supported by Australian Literary Management. What nice people!

An energetic international role is an essential part of the magazine’s identity. JPR publishes research articles, occasional special themed issues, book reviews, news items, interviews, and links to primary research material. Poems and books of poetry are not part of JPR’s remit, though anthologies and collections may be reviewed and writers we ask to send in poems will be published from time to time.

US poet Muriel Rukeyser
US poet Muriel Rukeyser
Online material is added piece by piece, and two issues are published each year, only on the Internet, generally in March-April and September. JPR reviews books and reports on conferences related to poetics, and maintains connections with other institutions worldwide. JPR was founded by poet and editor John Tranter in 2011 in the hopes of finding academic support, and after a stumble or two got going properly sans support in 2014. Like a lot of good things, it is based in Sydney, Australia.

  Managing Editors

are Kate Lilley of the English Department at the University of Sydney; Ann Vickery of Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Philip Mead, Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Western Australia; and John Tranter, an Honorary Associate in the Department of English at the University of Sydney. Other staff and their affiliations — there are some thirty of us — are noted here.

US poet Elizabeth Bishop
US poet Elizabeth Bishop

  Yes, JPR is free

mainly because I can’t figure out how to make it pay. Issue One of the Journal of Poetics Research gradually appeared during late 2014. It was free, as was the second issue, which appeared in March 2015. And so on. Each link takes you to the HTML file, which adjust its size and layout for small screens when needed, and there [so far with JPR01 only] you may download a fixed-size A5 PDF file.

  Each issue of JPR usually contains:

— Articles (peer reviewed if requested)
— Reviews (peer reviewed if requested)
— Interviews (peer reviewed if requested)
— Creative Writing (mainly poetry; peer review not required)
— Photos (peer review not required)
— Research Resources (older or peripheral material, peer review not required)

  Copyright notice:

Peer Review: In general, staff members of JPR and other eminent persons who supply material to the magazine will not be subject to peer review unless it is requested. See: staff. Copyright: Please respect the fact that all material in this Poetics Research site is copyright © The Journal of Poetics Research and the individual authors 2014 et seq. and is made available here without charge for personal use only. Two years after publication, most material on JPR will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported license, (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), which means that the material may be shared, that is, it may be copied and redistributed in any medium or format. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as subsequent users (SUs) follow the license terms. Please see the full License Terms here.

'Remember Me' -- Forlorn sign, Berkeley Rose Garden, 2014.
‘Remember Me’ — Forlorn sign, Berkeley Rose Garden, 2014.
  ‘The Journal of Poetics Research’

is a business name registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. These International Standard Serial Numbers have been assigned to JPR by the National Library of Australia:

  • ISSN: 2203-6334 (Print)
  • ISSN: 2203-6342 (Online)

Thoughtful dogs, from a tapestry at the Cloisters, New York City, 2013, photo by John Tranter.Gold man reading: gold-plated ornament, at the Cloisters, NYC, 2013, photo by John Tranter.US poet Robert Creeley, photo courtesy Poetry FoundationPhoto: Road sign, photo by John Tranter.Photo: Remember Me, Berkeley, California, Rose Garden, photo John Tranter 2014.Photo: US poet Robert Duncan and cat, San Francisco 1985, photo John Tranter.JPR01 cover image: “The Pen or the Sword?” Photo of Australian poet John Forbes (1950-1998) with toy howitzer and newspaper, Annandale, Sydney, May 1984, Photo by John Tranter. JPR02 cover image: Degas, Edgar: French, 1834-1917. Four Dancers; c. 1899: oil on canvas: cropped here, detail only; overall: 151.1 x 180.2 cm (59 1/2 x 70 15/16 in.)JPR03 Cover Image: Giovanni Boldini: Scène de fête, 1889: Auteurs: Boldini, Giovanni: born in Italy, 1842 – died in France in 1931. Title: (Detail from) Scène de fête, OR Scène de fête au Moulin Rouge (“celebration party at the Red Mill”) 1889, oil on canvas. H. 0.968 ; L. 1.047 m. – Dim. avec cadre : H. 1,331 ; L. 1,413 m (2010).Lieu de conservation, musée d’Orsay, Paris, France. Numéro(s) d’inventaire: RF 2010 15.JPR04 Cover Image: Woman in circular counter: photo London, November 2009, John Tranter.JPR06 Cover Image: Footpath (sidewalk), Berkeley, California, photo by John Tranter.JPR06 Cover Image: based on ‘Syncromy in orange major’ (1919) by Australian artist Roland Wakelin, 1887-1971, painted when the artist was in his early thirties. Roland Wakelin and Lloyd Rees taught John Tranter art and composition in 1961 at the University of Sydney Architecture School.

 — John Tranter, Sydney, 2015.



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